The Louisiana Sportsmen’s Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting public access to our waterways.

The Coalition is instrumental in protecting the right to fish and hunt on the waterways of Louisiana by fighting against the closure of waterways in our state and in establishing legislation to protect use of our waterways for ourselves and for future generations to come.

Our Mission Statement

We will represent all Sportsmen of Louisiana in the protection of our rights to access all of Louisiana’s waterways by forming a unified body of recreational anglers, charter guides, commercial fisherman and all who enjoy our outdoors.

Our goal is to protect and preserve the right to access publicly-owned waterways for all and future generations!

The goals of this organization are:

1.     To represent all sportsmen of Louisiana, charter guides,

  recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and persons in the outdoor industry related to

  their rights to fish and hunt on waterways or lands of this state.

2.    To create a unified body of representation that will allow a spoken voice to be heard in the

  Louisiana Legislature, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, the United States Congress and other


3.    To strive for conservation of our valued coastal marine resources.

4.    Strive to get legislation changed to protect the use of our waterways for us and generations to


5.    To become a place of one unified voice to fight against the blocking or gating of navigable