Stop The Bad Guys From Taking Your Fishing Freedom

Louisiana is a Sportsman's Paradise

Our great state has a reputation for being the "Sportsman's Paradise", offering world-class hunting and fishing that people from all over the world visit. Simply put, we have amazing fishing!

This has fostered a strong economy, bordering $1 billion annually, that thousands of people rely on to make a living. Above all, it's created a legacy that's passed down from generation to generation.

Simply put, Louisiana folk love to go fishing and have done unimpeded for generations. It's a major part of what defines us as a people. Sadly, that's all changing.

Louisiana's wetlands are being closed to fishing!

It's true. Every week we are hearing more and more stories of people being "run out" of their favorite honey hole, often a body of water that's been fished for generations.

Let's be clear: there are people and organizations in Louisiana with a private interest in blocking off waterways from public use.

How can anybody do this? Well, keep reading to get the pertinent details.

The Perfect Storm

Louisiana Civil Code

Louisiana law is based not on English Common Law like other stats, but instead Louisiana Civil Code, leaving wiggle room for the right lawyer to interpret the law in the favor of property owners.

Powerful Lawyers

Oil and land management companies have the capital and resources to foot the bill to have the law legislated in their favor, and have been doing so for decades.

Disinterested CCA

Louisiana's #1 organization fighting for fishing freedom, Coastal Conservation Association,  hasn't stepped up to the plate, one reason being that the aforementioned companies are their major sponsors.

These things are not good, but that does not mean we cannot turn the tide and restore fishing freedom to its former self. Here are steps you can take to make a difference today:


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These are true stories that can happen to you

John Allement Jr.

Got ran out of the marsh east of Golden Meadow bright and early Monday morning while gar fishing. This has gotten so out of hand. Fishermen can't go anywhere anymore!

Tom Ensminger

You try to go fishing with your family only to have someone cuss you and pull a gun out. It happens everyday on Louisiana waters. This is what gates and posted waterways do to families like mine and countless others.

Norman Norton

Places I've fished for years now have posted signs all over the place. I am 70 years old and would just like the clock turned back 5 years so my wife and I could once again enjoy our favorite fishing spots before my time is up.

What you can do to make a real difference today

We are not powerless to stop this growing trend of posted water. We can stop it to save thousands of businesses and jobs and save Louisiana's legacy. But we can't do it alone, as we are stronger together. That's why we are called Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition.

What does my membership fee go toward?

The majority of staff at Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition work on a volunteer basis, donating their time and effort to further the cause. But some things must be paid for, such as legal counsel and research from experienced lawyers, administrative expenses, advertising, marketing and more. 

We do our best with what we have, but need your help to keep going, especially considering that people opposed to your fishing freedom have far more resources to work with!

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