Got Run Out? Tell Us What Happened

The worst part of the water access issue is when unknowing, but well-meaning, anglers are "run out" of bodies of water that would be perfectly fine to fish in any other state. 

This tends to happen without warning or notice. Other times rudely and – sadly – sometimes at gunpoint or under threat of violence.

If this has happened to you, then we extend our deepest condolences, and kindly ask you share this story with us.

Someone once said that the most powerful form of human persuasion is telling a story.

That's why we want you to share your water access story with us below. Please include your name, email and a picture of you holding a fish (or just a good portrait).

Need tips? Look below the form.

What parish were you fishing in?
Tell us your water access story. Where were you? What happened?
Do we have your consent to display your story on this website and social media?

Not sure what to write? Try these things:

  • Tell the story as if you were telling a friend.
  • Remember how the experience made you feel.
  • Read what you write out loud to help you know what to write next

Why Your Story Is So Important

As big an issue water access has become there are still a lot of people who are not informed on the issue.

Sure, you can explain water access in detail until you're blue in the face, but telling a story is much easier and far more powerful. 

People need to realize that this can happen to them, especially considering more gates and posted signs are going up across the marsh every week.

What We Will Do With Your Story

When you share your story with us, you are giving us consent to use it to make more people aware of what's going. 

What if want to remain anonymous?

That's fine, just please include a first name. Thank you.

Louisiana Sportsmens Coalition

Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition is a grassroots organization based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Coalition was formed in 2016 to preserve Louisiana's legacy as the "Sportsman's Paradise" and safeguard the future of fishing across Louisiana's waterways.

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    Free the land

  • Oray Savoie says:

    I want to know if anyone knows of any person who has gone to jail,court, or paid a fine for fishing on tidal waters in Louisiana.

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