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In order to ensure water access for ourselves as well as future generations, it is vital that as many of you as possible reach out to your area’s legislators and explain the importance of this issue to them.

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Please bombard your elected officials with calls, emails and letters regarding this important issue, and for those elected officials who can run for another term, let them know their stance on this will determine your next vote.

Click here for talking points which can help you craft your call, email or letter to your legislators.

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Louisiana Sportsmens Coalition

Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition is a grassroots organization based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Coalition was formed in 2016 to preserve Louisiana's legacy as the "Sportsman's Paradise" and safeguard the future of fishing across Louisiana's waterways.

  • James T Hebert says:

    Keep our waters fish able,if you want my vote

  • Chuck Moresi says:

    It is my opinion that tidal water ways be open to the public. I am requesting that you support this issue. If not, you will not receive my support in the next election.

  • >

    your fishing spot could be closed NEXT WEEK (if not already)

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