Another Lafitte Fishing Spot Now Off-Limits To Fishermen

Lafitte has amazing fishing, if you can access it! See where a new gate has gone up and what it is you can do about it.


If you're a member of our Facebook group, then you may have already seen Jason's post.

He had gone fishing only to discover another gate restricting access to fishing spots that people have fished for years.

No, this is not a landlocked pond, but rather a body of water subject to the flow and ebb of the tide, a body of water that – according to the public trust doctrine – is free to navigate and illegal to bar access.

Location Of Restricted Water In Lafitte

The new gate is located at Blue Point, east of Lafitte, Louisiana.

It's coordinates are:

N 29°41.179
W 090°02.068

Blue Point Gate Lafitte Louisiana
lafitte fishing canal

Posted Water: A Growing Trend

Unfortunately, there are people across Louisiana who think otherwise, and have taken it upon themselves to take for themselves what belongs to all of us.

Look through our blog and personal stories and you'll see that this is not an isolated event.

lafitte canal for bass fishing blocked by gate

We Don't Have To Put Up With This

Barring access to navigable water is wrong. Period.

However, that fact alone is not stopping those who believe it to be their exclusive right.

That's why we, Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition, exist: so that we may win back that posted water.

But, it's a tough uphill battle full of obstacles and hard work.

That's why we are kindly asking that you join our ranks and become a member today.

Louisiana Sportsmens Coalition

Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition is a grassroots organization based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Coalition was formed in 2016 to preserve Louisiana's legacy as the "Sportsman's Paradise" and safeguard the future of fishing across Louisiana's waterways.